CRA Program Template

This package includes all the forms, policies and procedures you need for a professional CRA program. In addition to a CRA Policy template, you get Data Entry forms, Management Reports forms, Internal Audit Checklist and sampling forms, a Data Entry Guide and a Systems and Procedures Narrative.

CRA Program Template

  • CRA Policy
  • CRA Procedures
  • CRA Data Entry Guide
  • Community Development
  • Internal Audit Review


  • Form 1: Data Entry Worksheet: Community Development Loans
  • Form 2: Data Entry Worksheet: Community Development Investments
  • Form 3: Data Entry Worksheet: Community Service
  • Form 4: Management Report: Community Development Loans
  • Form 5: Management Report: Community Development Investments
  • Form 6: Management Report: Community Development Service
  • Form 7: Self‐Assessment Form: KPB Comparison
  • Form 8: Community Reinvestment Act Committee Agenda
  • Form 9: CRA Exam Preparation Checklist
  • Form 10: Self‐Assessment: CRA Performance Comparison‐Demographic Parameters Forms 11‐01 through 11‐04B: Summary Lending Tests
  • Form 12: Data Entry Worksheet: Small Business Loans
  • Form 13: Internal Audit Review: CRA MicroData Credit File Comparison

CRA Template Package: $800

Below are a few excerpts from the books listed above. To view the entire CRA Program Template Package contact us today.

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