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Nations Top CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending Experts

Our lead consultants, Len Suzio (CRA) and Rocky Pizzarello (Fair Lending), are the best in the country. They have been advising banks for almost 3 decades. Our consultants have real world experience having worked in banks for 20+ years. In addition they have testified in front of Congress, been keynote speakers at national conferences, and held political offices which give them unique insights other firms can't match.

Industry Leading Mapping Capabilities

GeoDataVision utilizes some of the most powerful GIS mapping technology available to help clients visualize markets and to identify opportunities and weaknesses within a client's performance and the markets they serve. GeoDataVision has developed one-of-a-kind mapping techniques that no other consulting firm can offer.

Comprehensive Reports and Data

GeoDataVision offers over 20 different market and demographic reports with the most up-to-date data available. Want to exclude non-bank lenders or view data from banks with similar products or similar asset size? No problem, GeoDataVision can also filter reports for any bank and market to meet your needs and to perform more granular analysis.

Climate Risk Regulations are Coming, are You Ready?

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CRA Services

If you're like most bankers, CRA is just a few of the many responsibilities you have. Reduce your frustration and help your bank by relying on the nation's top CRA Experts. GeoDataVision offers the most comprehensive and in-depth CRA packages available in the industry and unparalleled consulting. Don't leave your CRA performance to chance, work with the best.

Fair Lending Products and Services

GeoDataVision's Fair Lending team is one of the most seasoned in the industry, with over 40 years of experience, both as a banker and examiner. Our custom-built reports go through every aspect of Fair Lending from redlining to pricing disparities. Get the best Fair Lending reports and advice for a price that won't break the bank!

Mapping Services and Products

Mapping is an integral part to understanding the markets you serve and helps to expose trends that aren't visible by looking at tabular data. GeoDataVision has developed leading edge mapping techniques for creating and evaluating Assessment Areas and REMAs, finding "hot markets" in your area, showing loan distribution trends, and so much more.

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