Assessment Area Review (Live Mapping session)

How you delineate your Assessment Area is one of the most important CRA decisions you will ever make!

Most bankers understand they must construct their Assessment Areas to comply with the Regulation. But very few bankers understand how Assessment Area configuration impacts the performance standards imposed on them.

All CRA performance standards are driven by performance context, especially local demographics and local loan markets. Too many bankers unknowingly inflate their CRA performance standards by not considering how Assessment Area configuration affects performance standards

GeoDataVision offers a unique Assessment Area Live Mapping service that uses the Internet to help you construct the ideal Assessment Area for your bank.

  • Live maps let you see census tract boundaries and tract demographics. Zoom in for detail and zoom out for perspective. "Pan" around a map with a mapping expert. No mapping expertise is required!
  • Expert professional CRA advice during mapping sessions
  • Convenient in-your-office-anytime web technology makes this challenging task easy and inexpensive

"The live mapping session gave us an entirely different perspective on how we delineate our assessment area and the potential effects it had on our performance. It made it easy to see our defined community and the way we were servicing it. We were able to use the information for making informed decisions on a proper course of action. The product was one that our Board of Directors was pleased with as it gave them an instant view of our markets"-Gloria Tugman, Compliance Officer- Habersham Bank, GA

"Live mapping was a very fun process and an eye-opening experience for our management team. It was extremely effective to watch our assessment area as it was being built, tract by tract." - Peggy Herzog, VP Compliance, The Mechanics Bank, California

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