About GeoDataVision

Founded in 1994 by Len Suzio, GeoDataVision has provided community and mid-size banks with sophisticated CRA performance evaluations and market data analysis. GeoDataVision provides community banks the significant benefits of computerized mapping(“GIS”) and expert CRA and HMDA advice.

(GIS) is computer software that displays data in maps. The ability to see the geographic dimension of large volumes of data substantially enhances the understanding of this important information.

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requires banks to map their “Assessment Areas” and to analyze the geographic distribution of their loans. GIS can help bankers recognize market geodemographics (how demographic data is distributed over an area) and to see loan and deposit geographic distribution. You can picture where your customers, your competition and your prospective customers are, and compare this data to your branch locations and marketing focus.

As a former community banker, Mr. Suzio understands that few community banks can commit the time and personnel to master the technology and maximize its potential. Most community banks get far greater benefit from outsourcing this important analytical tool. Computerized data mapping combined with relational database techniques (correlating two distinct data sources such as census data and bank loan data) can provide significant benefits to banks.

You don’t have to be a GIS expert. GeoDataVision can do the work for you!

Len Suzio

In 1994, Len Suzio founded GeoDataVision to provide to community banks the significant benefits that a relatively new type of software called GIS made possible. Prior to starting GeoDataVision, Len Suzio had been in banking in Philadelphia and Connecticut for more than 17 years. Mr. Suzio was an executive vice president, senior loan officer and director of American National Bank and a director of two other Connecticut banks. In 1983, he was recognized as the Outstanding Banker in Connecticut by the Small Business Administration. He also testified as an expert in front of the United States Senate Subcommittee on Small Business that same year.

Len Suzio is a nationally recognized CRA expert. He has spoken at ABA and ACB national compliance conferences as well as many state compliance meetings and has been a featured speaker at numerous webinars. He has published a number of articles on CRA in industry-wide journals such as The Journal of Finance and Risk Management published by Robert Morris, Associates and Community Banker Magazine published by America’s Community Bankers. Most importantly, Mr. Suzio has been a community banker and has worked with hundreds of community banks to help them develop a professional CRA compliance program that meets regulatory expectations and reduces performance anxiety.

Executive Team

Josh Suzio

Vice President

In 2017, Josh began working for GeoDataVision in the mapping division, producing high quality, regulatory grade maps for banks across the country. By 2018 Josh was working side by side with Len and Rocky on complicated CRA and Fair Lending issues for GeoDataVision’s clients, focusing on ways to enhance data visualization and comprehension through mapping. In 2019, he helped develop GeoDataVision’s one-of-a-kind Assessment Area Configuration Mapping Model, used to develop the ideal Assessment Area for a bank, utilizing dozens of internal and external factors. Since starting with GeoDataVision, under the expert guidance of Len, Josh has developed a deep understanding of the CRA Regulation, having been involved in over 500 complicated CRA related projects for clients. Josh focuses his time on helping current bank clients meet the needs of their communities through the CRA and developing new products, like the Climate-Related Risk Mapping Analysis, that will help better serve GeoDataVisions current and future clients.  

Rachel Suzio

Head of Cartography

Rachel Maris has been a cartographer and data analyst with GeoDataVision for almost 20 years. She underwent extensive training with Maptitude in Boston during her time at GeoDataVision and is one of the country’s leading experts in the program. She helped develop GeoDataVision’s lending test tables which allow banks to see just how well they would perform during a CRA examination. She works extensively to make sure GeoDataVision’s client data is clearly portrayed to help better understand needs and goals through maps and tables. “A picture is worth a thousand words” she believes maps reveal patterns in data that are easily overlooked when working with spreadsheets. Rachel’s expertise helps clients to see an immediate and clear picture of their data.

Rocky Pizzarello

Head of HMDA and Fair Lending

Rocky Pizzarello started his career as a state bank examiner, then went to the banking sector in audit and compliance roles for over 45 years. In his roles as a compliance officer, he had additional responsibilities of being the CRA and Fair Lending Officer from de novo banks to the largest banks in the country. He is exam tested, personally being involved as a banker with 34 CRA/Fair Lending exams. Over the past 12 years, he has assisted our clients with Fair Lending analysis through a suite of reports covering disparities, redlining, peer comparison and electronic file review, offering recommendations to strengthen their position. He received the CIA, CBA, CRCM, CBCO, and CRP certifications.

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