New unique 2022-2021 census tract reference books from GeoDataVision

GeoDataVision has received many inquiries about the changes in census tract identities, income classification, and minority status. So we have prepared one-of-a-kind tract reference books that juxtapose the 2022 tracts and their income class and minority status.

If you would like a copy of the free 2022-2021 tract comparison reference books fill out the form below.

In the meantime, we at GeoDataVision have been scrutinizing the 2022 CRA NPR and have determined that, as proposed, the NPR will increase the CRA exam failure rate by as much as 700%! That’s right, the failure rate is likely to increase 7-fold and that’s not me making a wild guess. It’s the regulators’ own estimate!

Find out more about the draconian impact of the 2022 CRA NPR on banks when GeoDataVision releases an e-newsletter explaining in detail why we know this is true. We will release the e-newsletter first thing next week.

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