Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) and Metro Divisions are important considerations in Assessment Area construction.

Many bankers are not aware that when they have AA’s within one of the eleven “mega” MSA’s they can designate any or all of the MSA as an AA. However, when examiners evaluate their bank’s CRA performance the procedure is to break down the AA into Metro Divisions for performance evaluation purposes. Bankers who want to mimic regulatory examination procedures to help them anticipate their examination experience may want to break up their AA into multiple AA’s when they are located within one of the 11 mega MSA’s.

To help bankers who may be confronted with this issue GeoDataVision has prepared special maps of the 11 mega MSA’s and their Metropolitan Divisions. Just locate and print the mega MSA map that may pertain to your market. This is a free service offered by GeoDataVision to help bankers with their CRA issues.

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