Computer-Generated Maps for Bank Compliance and Market Analysis

Visualize your market!

Computer-generated maps are an exciting opportunity for banks to literally see their markets as never before. It's one thing to examine a table of the mortgage market in Bridgeport Connecticut and it's another thing to see a map of the Bridgeport mortgage market.

Map 1 Bridgeport CT HMDA Mortgage Market

A table of the data may identify volume and tract numbers but it's very difficult to visualize exactly where the activity is located. A map presents a picture that allows the viewer to recognize the geographic dispersion of loans, deposits, branches, etc.

The above map reveals there are 3 low-income tracts that dominate the Bridgeport residential mortgage market

Zoom in to see the details of the neighborhood where the most active LMI tract market is located within Bridgeport:

Map 2 - Bridgeport LMI tract with most mortgages

Well designed maps constructed for banks to use for market analysis can provide significant competitive advantages.

But most bankers don't have the time to acquire and maintain the mapping skills necessary to exploit the potential for market analysis.

GeoDataVision has developed a special suite of maps for bankers who recognize the significant advantages computer-generated mapping can provide and . . .

GeoDataVision Bank Market Analysis Maps"Bank-MAPS" require minimal mapping skills!

The maps are designed as virtually a "plug and play" application. With Bank-MAPS you will be able to:

  • See the location and geographic distribution of census tracts by income-class
  • See the location and geographic distribution of census tracts by minority status
  • See the location and geographic distribution of HMDA-reported mortgage lending
  • See the location and geographic distribution of CRA-reported small business lending
  • See the location and geographic distribution of deposits and depository branches
  • See critical compliance issues or questions like "red lining" low- or moderate-income or majority-minority tracts
  • See Assessment Area configuration issues like branch network distribution and practical service area ("Drive time" maps can show the practical service area of branches for example)

The software required to run the maps is extremely inexpensive and the maps also are affordable within the budget of almost any community bank.

In order to introduce you to this new service GeoDataVision will conduct a free 1 hour webinar on Wednesday, June 25 at 3 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

During the webinar we will focus on Bridgeport, Connecticut and the market within the City. We will show you how easy it is to gain market insights using an easy-to-use and affordable mapping services package.

This event has passed but has been recorded. Contact us for free access to the recording


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