Community Development Lending Reports

One of the most important CRA responsibilities for Intermediate-Small Banks and Large Banks is “Community Development Lending”. But while Community Development Lending is critically important, there is very little information available about the Community Development Loan Market.

The most valuable data publicly available is the annual Community Development file released by the FFIEC. But anyone familiar with the FFIEC “CRA Data Products” knows that capturing the information for any given market is all but impossible.

GeoDataVision has captured all the 2016 reported Community Development and Consortium Lending for the entire country and has prepared the data in extremely useful and easy to read market reports for each state.

The reports rank each reporting lender based on the value of their reported CD lending and Consortium lending in each state. Furthermore, the Reports display the ratio of CD lending to bank asset size to facilitate ease of comparison on the relative importance of Community Development lending for each lender. See the attached sample report from the 2015 market data below.

These reports for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico are available in pdf formatted reports state by state for only $150 for all 50 states, the 2 territories and D.C. To order these valuable reports simply fill out the form found here.

or call Bob Suzio at 203-245-2750.

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