Market Data

New CRA Rule: Where are your deposits? Here's how to find out

As you should know, the OCC has approved a final CRA rule and the FRB has proposed a CRA rule that would create "deposit-based" CRA assessment areas. No one, not even the regulators, knows how deposits are geographically dispersed by the location of the depositor. That's why the NPR announced by the OCC on November 25, will require banks to collect and report that information next year.

Because of the importance of deposit location information, GeoDataVision is making a special offer to the first 100 banks who accept our offer no later than December 31, 2020.

Community Development Lending Reports

One of the most important CRA responsibilities for Intermediate-Small Banks and Large Banks is "Community Development Lending". But while Community Development Lending is critically important, there is very little information available about the Community Development Loan Market.

The most valuable data publicly available is the annual Community Development file released by the FFIEC. But anyone familiar with the FFIEC "CRA Data Products" knows that capturing the information for any given market is all but impossible.

CRA Small Business Loan Market Rank & Market Share Reports

GeoDataVision President Len Suzio today announced the publication of important Small Business Loan Market Rank and Market Share Reports for each state. "A critical part of CRA performance evaluations is the 'Performance Context' and there is no more important or meaningful performance context data than the actual small business lending data reported under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). GeoDataVision is releasing critical market rank and market share data in easy-to-read reports as a free public service to bankers and the public," Suzio stated.