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Census Tract Reports

GeoDataVision president Len Suzio today announced the release of the 2015 Census Tract Reports by GeoDataVision. The reports contain the latest census tract income classifications plus Minority tract status Distressed or Underserved Tract designations and the 2015 Estimated Family Incomes associated with each tract inside each MSA or statewide non-MSA.

2014 new MSA's affect tract income class of more than 2,600 census tracts

2014 new MSA's affect tract income class of more than 2,600 census tracts

Many bankers are now beginning to evaluate their 2014 CRA performance. One of the big "Performance Context" factors that may have affected your small business lending and HMDA-reported mortgages was the implementation of the new MSA's effective on January 1, 2014.

The new MSA's affected the income classification of thousands of census tracts resulting in a change in the income classification of 2,603 census tracts throughout the country!

Community Development Market Reports 2014

GeoDataVision has announced a new national version of its CRA Community Development Market Rank Report is available for free as a public service available on its website.

"There is such a need for Community Development Lending information and so few sources of that data we at GeoDataVision have decided to develop and release a new version of our Community Development Lending Reports", said GeoDataVision President Len Suzio.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's) and Metro Divisions are important considerations in Assessment Area construction.

2014 MSA/MD maps

Many bankers are not aware that when they have AA's within one of the eleven "mega" MSA's they can designate any or all of the MSA as an AA. However, when examiners evaluate their bank's CRA performance the procedure is to break down the AA into Metro Divisions for performance evaluation purposes. Bankers who want to mimic regulatory examination procedures to help them anticipate their examination experience may want to break up their AA into multiple AA's when they are located within one of the 11 mega MSA's.