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Webinar regarding the proposed CRA changes

Dear banker,

The FDIC and the OCC have published a Notice of Proposed Rule-Making for the Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA"). The NPR contains radical changes that dramatically affect the CRA responsibilities of every bank. You need to know what the proposed changes are and you should contact the FDIC and/or the OCC about them before it is too late!

The proposed changes are dramatic and will affect all banks in big ways.

GeoDataVision announces free Mortgage Market Rank and Share Reports

GeoDataVision is pleased to announce the availability of free Mortgage(HMDA) Market Rank and Share Reports for every state plus Puerto Rico.These Reports not only show you the Market Rank and Share of every reporting lender in your state, they also show Market Rank and Share based on lending to low - and moderate - income borrowers and minority borrowers too.

Are there "underwater" census tracts in your CRA Assessment Area?

Every year we invariably consult for banks who have "lending gaps" in their Assessment Areas. In a surprising number of cases it turns out that some of the tracts are "underwater tracts". Most banks don't even know there are any underwater tracts in their Assessment Area. All they know is they never lend in some tracts (and if they do have loans in underwater tracts they may want to verify their geocoding!)

2019 Community Reinvestment Act Census Tract Reference Books

Every year the FFIEC issues updated demographic databases for Community Reinvestment Act purposes. The FFIEC was unusually late publishing the data this year. Bankers have been waiting months for the 2019 demographics to be released.

The 2019 demographic database was released on the very last day of August.

GeoDataVision has prepared CRA Census Tract Reference books available for free on the GeoDataVision website.