Products and Services

Assessment Area Maps

This component includes a map delineating your Assessment Area boundaries, depicting key towns and cities and revealing census tract income classes by color themes that distinguish Upper, Middle, Moderate and Low-income tracts. The map meets all regulatory standards.

CRA and HMDA Data Entry Guides

Data integrity is one of the big issues with respect to HMDA and CRA today. The accuracy of a CRA performance evaluation or Fair Lending analysis is totally dependent on the reliability of the underlying data. Examiners know this and they frequently have found problems with the HMDA and CRA data provided to them by banks. Consequently they are concerned about the "CRA process" and the "HMDA process" (the systems and procedures established to collect, enter, monitor and report CRA and HMDA data) at your bank.

CRA Performance Evaluation Reports

The CRA Pro Performance Analysis Package will help you be fully prepared for your next CRA exam with a ready made package that organizes, graphs and maps your loan data like examiners do. GeoDataVision's unique Self-Assessment form summarizes all the important loan performance comparisons down to one easy-to-read page.

This CRA Performance package includes 3 books of loans and demographic maps and tables including:

CRA Training and Consulting

A GeoDataVision expert will work with you and your personnel in the areas of HMDA/CRA/Fair Lending/Community Development. These services can be provided via the web or onsite, in person. In addition to hands on consulting and training, we also provide webinars (live and recorded) that are extremely useful in training your staff.

Data Scrubs

A CRA data "scrub" or records review involves a sample of loan records that are reviewed to verify the following items:

  • CRA loan type codes are verified
  • Loan amount is compared to note or allonge
  • Action type is corroborated
  • Action date is reviewed
  • Geo-coding information is confirmed
  • Business/Farm Revenues are reviewed
  • Annual income is double checked
  • Affiliate flag code is confirmed

Fair Lending Risk Analysis Reports

These reports break out into two distinct groups: (a) Portfolio Fair Lending Statistical Comparison Reports and (b) Application Potential Fair Lending Risk Comparison Reports.

The Portfolio Fair Lending Statistical Comparison Reports summarize important portfolio statistics with comparisons between minority, non-minority and male and female application "outcomes” including origination rates, denial rates and “dropout” rates. This provides the “Fair Lending big picture”.

HMDA Mortgage Market Reports

This is the data regulators will use to evaluate your institution's CRA Performance. The data contained in these reports is extracted from the most up-to-date Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Raw Data (released by the Federal Reserve each year). This data is submitted annually by all institutions to their respective federal agencies and compiled and released by the FFIEC in September. The data in raw form consists of nearly 20,000,000 records with dozens of fields of information for each record.

Live Mapping Analysis

This is a unique GeoDataVision service that allows banks to use sophisticated mapping technology to analyze their markets. No mapping skills are required for you to take advantage of this service. GeoDataVision employs GoTo Meeting's ™ service to create live interactive meetings during which a GeoDataVision professional manipulates live maps containing important market data that allow you to see your markets like never before. Having “active” maps offers exciting analytical options.

Minority Market Reports

Fair lending analysis cannot be done in a vacuum. All Fair Lending analysis requires comparison of mortgage applications within your bank as well as comparisons to your mortgage market. Professional Fair Lending performance analysis needs the perspective provided by the mortgage market activity of all lenders active in your market.

GeoDataVision has created a unique set of Fair Lending Market Reports that focus on the minority mortgage market.

These reports help you to compare and to put into perspective:


GeoDataVision Professional Webinars

As an offshoot of the many products and services we provide banks to help them meet their regulatory requirements, we have created some of the most useful and effective training and consulting webinars available anywhere. These generally are 90-minute recordings of “Live” sessions that cover a host of important subjects including: