Market Reports

HMDA Portfolio Fair Lending Analysis

These reports break out into two distinct groups: (a) Portfolio Fair Lending Statistical Comparison Reports and (b) Application Potential Fair Lending Risk Comparison Reports.

The Portfolio Fair Lending Statistical Comparison Reports summarize important portfolio statistics with comparisons between minority and non-minority application "outcomes” including origination rates, denial rates and “dropout” rates. This provides the “Fair Lending big picture”.

Demographic Data

CRA regulations require that an institution demonstrate it is meeting the need for credit services within its Assessment Area. An important prerequisite is a knowledge of community demographics. GeoDataVision can prepare maps and tables depicting vital demographic characteristics within your market.

These maps and tables will reveal:

Custom HMDA Market Data Reports

GeoDataVision has an enormous database of HMDA-reported mortgage lending activity for the entire United States. This is the same database examiners use when comparing your institution's performance to other mortgage lenders. This is the largest, most accurate and most comprehensive database on mortgage lending available. This data includes information on all reporting lenders and vital demographic information on borrowers.

Minority Mortgage Reports

Fair lending analysis cannot be done in a vacuum. All Fair Lending analysis requires comparison of mortgage applications within your bank as well as comparisons to your mortgage market. Professional Fair Lending performance analysis needs the perspective provided by the mortgage market activity of all lenders active in your market.

GeoDataVision has created a unique set of Fair Lending Market Reports that focus on the minority mortgage market.

These reports help you to compare and to put into perspective:

CRA Small Business Loan Report

The Small Business Loan Report is a suite of reports extracted from the CRA small business loan data released by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Committee (FFIEC). Annually, in August, the FFIEC releases data collected and compiled from the small business loan data reported by banks to their federal regulatory agency.