Custom Maps

GeoDataVision has a staff of mapping experts who specialize in the creation of maps for banking applications. We can create maps of your loans and your deposits for compliance and branch performance analysis. GeoDataVision also has national databases of HMDA mortgages, CRA loans, Summary of Deposits data (SOD) and market demographics that can be mapped to create pictures of your market like you have never seen before.

Use affordable sophisticated computerized mapping to help your bank improve compliance performance and recognize market opportunities.

Loan Distribution Maps

CRA performance analysis which requires you to recognize lending gaps in your Assessment Area. These gaps are almost unrecognizable using traditional loan distribution tables. Computerized mapping technology can create a picture of your loan distribution and help your see the geographic aspect of your lending. There is no better tool than loan distribution maps for this important task.

Deposit Distribution Maps

GeoDataVision can create color theme maps of geographic dispersion of your deposit base to allow you to see the relationship of your depositors to your branches.

GeoDataVision also has captured the entire Summary of Deposits (SOD) database that shows the geographic distribution of all deposits by every bank branch anywhere in the country. GDV can create custom maps that depict all the competitor branches in your market and show you the volume of deposits reported for each branch.

CRA Assessment Area Maps

This component includes a map delineating your Assessment Area boundaries, depicting key towns and cities and revealing census tract income classes by color themes that distinguish Upper, Middle, Moderate and Low-income tracts. The map meets all regulatory standards.

Census Tract Street Maps

These maps show the streets and boundaries of any census tracts in your community. The maps use a color theme to depict the income classification of tracts according to the latest FFIEC bulletins.

Improve Your CRA Performance!

Many bankers use this as a tool to improve Community Reinvestment Act lending performance in LMI neighborhoods by distributing the maps to loan origination officers. This simple tool allows lenders to recognize the location of these areas by displaying the streets that form the boundaries of these tracts.