What's Inside the New OCC CRA Rule". Presented by nationally recognized CRA Expert Len Suzio, Sponsored by M&M Consulting LLC

Dear Banker,

You know the OCC approved the new CRA rule on May 20. But do you know the details and what it means to your institution?

You are invited to a free webinar, "What's Inside the OCC's New CRA Rule and what it means to your institution" Presented by nationally recognized CRA expert Len Suzio and sponsored by M&M Consulting".

By now you've heard about the OCC's new CRA rule

  • It's controversial and it's complicated. It's radically different from the current rule.
  • There are new performance tests.
  • There are new performance standards.
  • There are new types of data.
  • There are new Assessment Area rules.
  • There are new reporting requirements.

- and there are mistakes that need to be corrected.

The foregoing only begins to describe the radically different nature of the new CRA rule.

The OCC's timetable calls for reporting to commence on January 2, 2023 - a little more than 2 1/2 years from now.

Get a headstart on the challenge the new OCC CRA rule will present to you and your institution.

Nationally recognized CRA expert Len Suzio will review the dramatic changes in the new CRA rule in a 90-minute Webinar

What are the new CRA performance tests?

What about the new CRA performance standards?

What mistakes did the OCC make and will need to correct?

What new types of data will you be required to collect?

What is a "CRA eligible loan"?

What is a qualified activity?

What if you are not a "large bank" under the new rule - what does it mean to you?

Do you have a choice to be examined under the new rule?

These are only a few of the critical topics to be covered in this webinar.

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