GeoDataVision Professional Webinars

As an offshoot of the many products and services we provide banks to help them meet their regulatory requirements, we have created some of the most useful and effective training and consulting webinars available anywhere. These generally are 90-minute recordings of “Live” sessions that cover a host of important subjects including:

  • How to Build a Professional CRA Program
  • How to Submit an Error-Free HMDA LAR
  • Everything You Need to Know About Community Development
  • How to Properly Delineate Your Assessment Area
  • The New CRA Q&A’s
  • Getting Ready for Your CRA Exam
  • How to Establish a Successful Fair Lending Program

We periodically update these packages by conducting “Live” webinars with new and important information. These are announced via our website and by email blasts to our database of prospects and customers. Please send us your contact information if you want to be on the mailing list.