Minority Market Reports

Fair lending analysis cannot be done in a vacuum. All Fair Lending analysis requires comparison of mortgage applications within your bank as well as comparisons to your mortgage market. Professional Fair Lending performance analysis needs the perspective provided by the mortgage market activity of all lenders active in your market.

GeoDataVision has created a unique set of Fair Lending Market Reports that focus on the minority mortgage market.

These reports help you to compare and to put into perspective:

  1. the volume of your minority mortgage applications,
  2. your minority origination and denial rates across income class compared to all other lenders in your Assessment Area and
  3. minority mortgage sub-markets (Black, Hispanic and Asian). Without this type of market data it is impossible to put your results into context.

These reports not only allow you to compare your activity to all other reporting lenders in your unique market, they also depict geographic activity down to the census tract level. You know who is doing what and where the action is.

Pricing is per Assessment Area.