CRA Pro Performance Analysis Package

The CRA Pro Performance Analysis Package will help you be fully prepared for your next CRA exam with a ready made package that organizes, graphs and maps your loan data like examiners do. GeoDataVision's unique Self-Assessment form summarizes all the important loan performance comparisons down to one easy-to-read page.

This CRA Performance package includes 3 books of loans and demographic maps and tables including:

  1. Edit checks of all your loan data to assure data integrity
  2. Maps: loan distribution maps revealing the geographic distribution of your loans inside and outside your assessment area to let you see your loans as never before as well as demographic maps that depict critical demographic variables
  3. Loan Analysis Tables and Graphs organized to match the Lending Tests applied by examiners including your non-reported loans at your option
  4. Key Performance Benchmark Reports the market data that determines the standards against which you will be measured

With the CRA Performance Evaluation Package you can be certain

  • Your data will be organized to make professional CRA Performance Analysis easy
  • All loan tables, graphs and maps will be ready-made to compare your CRA loan performance to the market-driven standards
  • You will be able to recognize your performance strengths and weaknesses
  • You will be able to anticipate examiner questions.

Special pricing is available for multiple Assessment Area banks.

$2 500.00