CRA and HMDA performance issues

Every year community banks fail their CRA exam and are surprised because they don't understand the performance standards imposed by the Regulation. They don't realize that their performance may not be the problem - it may be the performance context that is the real issue.

CRA performance standards are driven by performance context - in particular, the market demographics of their communities and the local loan markets in which they operate. Many bankers don't understand how to collect and use this important information to help them achieve their compliance performance requirements. They don't realize that the problem often is caused by how they defined their community in the first place.

Since 1994, GeoDataVision has worked with hundreds of community banks to help them fulfill their CRA responsibilities and resolve their CRA compliance problems. We have years of experience with banks under all circumstances. If you have CRA performance issues, contact an expert at GeoDataVision today.

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