Comprehensive Fair Lending Analysis Package

An Automated Affordable Fair Lending Risk Assessment Program for Community Banks!

In today's regulatory environment it is important not only to avoid Fair Lending violations but also to implement a program to show examiners you have a system to monitor and identify potential Fair Lending violations.

GeoDataVision offers a Community Bank Fair Lending Risk Assessment Program that:
Contrasts your mortgage origination and denial rates across minority (and gender specific) and majority borrowers and compares your experience with each and every HMDA‐reporting lender in your market

Evaluates and summarizes your minority (and gender specific) and majority mortgage experience within focal points such as first and junior mortgages (lien position), home purchase, home refinance and home improvement mortgages (purpose) and 1‐4 family and manufactured housing (property type)

Reviews all your mortgage applications and identifies any mortgage records in which you denied a minority mortgage applicant and compares those records with mortgages originated for majority borrowers with similar income and /or loan size.

Every bank needs to demonstrate to examiners that it manages it's Fair Lending Risk with a system that

  1. measures overall performance and
  2. identifies any potential individual discrimination

A strong Fair Lending Risk Assessment Program must have 3 critical elements.

First, it must put compliance risk into perspective by comparing mortgage portfolio performance to the performance of other lenders in the market and market demographics. Second, a good Fair Lending program also has the capacity to examine statistical differences in outcomes between minority and majority mortgage applications within mortgage portfolios. Third, a Fair Lending Risk Management System must call attention to any potential discrimination by identifying minority mortgage applications with adverse outcomes and comparing those results to majority originations with similar income and mortgage value characteristics.

The GeoDataVision Fair Lending Risk Management Program addresses the 3 essential elements of compliance risk. The Minority Mortgage Market Reports Suite presents a comprehensive view of all mortgage activity in your uniquely defined market allowing you to see how you compare to the overall market and to any lender in your market. The Fair Lending Reports Series 100 breakout your mortgage lending for statistical comparisons of minority and majority mortgage applications.The Series 200 Reports review every minority mortgage application with adverse outcomes and compare to majority originations with similar characteristics.This is allows identification of potential problems.

The entire Fair Lending Risk Management Program was developed to be useful and affordable for community banks. In addition to the basic package, we also offer an optional corresponding Executive Narrative that presents a professional summation and analysis of the reports

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