Census Tract Changes Table

GeoDataVision has received an enormous amount of interest regarding the new 2017 census tracts income classifications. To help bankers evaluate the potential impact of these changes on their assessment areas GeoDataVision has created a special table that depicts the numbers of census tracts affected by a changed income class.

The table organizes the information state by state and county by county and reveals the number of tracts affected in each county.



As GeoDataVision announced last week, almost 30% of the census tracts changed income class from 2016 to 2017. This means almost every Assessment Area in the country will experience changes.

The new 2017 FFIEC tract income class demographic table reflects that 28.1% of the census tracts across the country were affected by a change in income class. Further analysis reveals that the changes in comparison to the 2016 tract income class were as follows:

2016 tract income class changes (number of tracts and relative percent of that tract income class that changed in 2017):

  • NA income 41 (3.79%)
  • Low income 1,823 (32.77%)
  • Mod income 6,006 (37.08%)
  • Mid income 8,915 (27.56%)
  • Upp income 4,053 (21.39%)

The most dramatic changes occurred in the 2016 moderate income class tracts in which more than 37% experienced a change in income class for 2017. Other interesting observations are that 4,749 tracts that were classified as middle-income in 2016 became moderate income tracts in 2017, plus another 119 became low-income tracts in 2017. It is very important to be aware of the tracts that changed from upper- or middle-income to moderate- or low-income because CRA lending test 3 measures your "penetration" rates for lending in your AA low- and moderate-income tracts.

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