Are your CRA performance standards unfair or unclear? Maybe it's because you inflated your own CRA requirements

Dear Banker,

I can't tell you how often I've heard bankers complain about "unfair" or "unclear" performance expectations. They don't seem to understand they set CRA performance standards when they delineate their Assessment Areas.  

The biggest CRA-related decision you will ever make is how you delineate your Assessment Area.

Why? Because how you define your market determines not only your results; it also is what defines your "performance context" - and it is performance context that drives performance standards.

Until now, only the major banks have been able to play the "what if" game - experiment with different Assessment Area configurations to see what works best.

GeoDataVision has now developed a mapping service that allows you to experiment with and test different Assessment Area configurations to see what works best for you and to minimize performance expectations.

We have produced a 9 minute video that explains how and why Assessment Area construction is so important and we include a demonstration map showing how selecting or excluding only a few tracts can make a big difference in your CRA performance standards.

We encourage you to learn more about this important CRA issue. Check out the video