All Three Webinars April 2016

All Three Webinars April 2016

April 13, Defining your Assessment Area – Your Most Important CRA Decision!

  • Why your Assessment Area construction is your most important CRA decision!
  • The “CRA Performance Pyramid” – how your AA affects your results and regulator expectations
  • What are the 3 fundamental steps of building your best Assessment Area?
  • Assessment Area delineation do’s and don’ts Avoiding common mistakes
  • Constructing an Assessment Area that minimizes performance standards and reduces pressure on you

April 20, Developing a Successful & Profitable CRA Program - listen to expert Len Suzio and banker Diane Farrell who put this webinar’s principles into practice to create a profitable CRA Program that earned an “outstanding” CRA rating!

  • Get Management on Your side
  • Change your mindset
  • Key is Market Analysis – getting and analyzing important market data
  • Market Rank and Market Share Reports
  • “Penetration Reports”
  • Market Demographics
  • The CRA Tests
  • Standards are not Tests!
  • Developing the Critical CRA Performance Standards
  • Is your Bank’s lending volume adequate?
  • “GAP” analysis – what it is and how to do it
  • Lending in the economically depressed areas
  • “Borrower Characteristics”
  • The important distinction between Large Bank Standards and Intermediate-Small Bank standards
  • How can you get increased credit for small business and community development activities?
  • A real life example of a successful and profitable CRA program – we will be joined by banker Diane Farrell who put into practice the principles

April 27, Understanding Community Development under CRA

  • How important is Community Development to passing a CRA Exam?
  • What exactly is “Community Development” as defined in the Regulation?
  • Understanding the important concept of “primary purpose”
  • Detailed discussion of the 4 different types of Community Development Activity
  • Affordable Housing
  • Community Services
  • Economic Development
  • Revitalization/Stabilization
  • “Getting the edge” in your Community Development activities – how to leverage CD points
  • What are the 3 essential components of Community Development Documentation?

Cost: $500.00