2014 new MSA's affect tract income class of more than 2,600 census tracts

Many bankers are now beginning to evaluate their 2014 CRA performance. One of the big "Performance Context" factors that may have affected your small business lending and HMDA-reported mortgages was the implementation of the new MSA's effective on January 1, 2014.

The new MSA's affected the income classification of thousands of census tracts resulting in a change in the income classification of 2,603 census tracts throughout the country!

As a service to our bank clients and to the public GeoDataVision is publishing a list of the tracts affected and the change in their income classification. The GeoDataVision Census Tract Income Classification Changes Table is organized by State, County and Census tract. It identifies the 2013 and the new 2014 tract income classification of the tracts affected by the changes. The table also publishes the name and number of the MSA and non-MSA areas associated with the affected census tracts. We hope this document will help you to assess the impact of this important performance context factor on your CRA performance lending in Low- and Moderate-Income census tracts during 2014.

Don't forget that aside from its impact on tract income class, the implementation of the new MSA's in 2014 also will affect the Estimated Median Family Income (EMFI) used to calculate the income classification of mortgage applicants reported under HMDA.

​We hope this vital information adds an important perspective to your CRA Performance Analysis​,